Taboo Breaking App Wins Europe's Biggest Hackathon for Women

Female sexual pleasure took center stage at Europe's largest hackathon for women. This weekend STHLM Tech Fest organized a hackathon in Stockholm City Hall with over 800 participants. The Case For Her's challenge to break the global stigma of female sexual health surprised and took the top prize.

“The Case For Her works with women's health and normalizing female sexual pleasure. Being part of this hackathon was a way for us to raise the issues to a national and global agenda and to highlight an under-funded and under-prioritized area in both tech and women's health. We are proud that women's pleasure, sexual health and wellness won the competition at STHLM Tech Fest and that The Case For Her was allowed to set the agenda, ”says Gerda Larsson, Managing Director and co-founder of The Case For Her.

The winning grant was an app named LUCY and aims to spread knowledge to more women about their bodies. The fact that female sexual health can win a tech hackathon was not obvious, however, it did just that.

“Lucy is an innovative self-help app that takes you through life's various stages. The goal is to give women knowledge about their bodies and their sexual health while breaking down shame and stigma around pleasure. ”Says Soraya H. Contreras, one of the creators behind the idea.

“Several of our partners working in female sexual health have found it difficult to enter into the tech arena. While sextech for men, such as robots and sex dolls were allowed to participate, aids for female sexual health have not been allowed to compete on equal terms. We are proud to be part of changing the narrative and of the creators of Lucy - an app that helps you and your sexual health through life, "says Gerda Larsson, Managing Director and co-founder of The Case For Her.

The Case For Her
Gerda Larsson

About The Case For Her
The Case For Her is a philanthropic investment portfolio, investing in key women’s health issues and getting them on the global health agenda. We work actively to reach women with education, products and services that improve their lives and contribute to an equal society. Today, The Case For Her has two investment portfolios - one for menstruation and one for women's pleasure, sexual health and wellness.