The World's Largest Hackathon for Women

On Sept 7th and 8th, 1000+ women will come together at Stockholm City Hall to join the World's Largest Hackathon for Women.


5pm - Official Welcome and Opening from Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr 
6pm - Partner companies present their challenges to all participants
7pm - Participants join into teams to work on the challenge of their choice
7pm-10pm - Brainstorming, Analyzing, White-boarding, and Mentoring
8pm-10pm - Walking Tour for girls and parents
11pm - Inspirational Keynote
1am - City Hall Closes


7am - Participants join at partner offices to work on their challenges
4pm - Partners select the best results to be shared at Stadshuset
5pm - Partners share best results at Stadshuset
6pm - Best results of each challenge are showcased and invited to stay for VIP dinner at City Hall
7pm - 11pm VIP Dinner at Stadshuset
8pm - Interviews at dinner with best results from hackathon, and Best of Hackathon Award.

A walking tour of the hackathon is available for parents with daughters, so they can walk through, be inspired, and learn what is happening at 3 stations inside City Hall. 3min per station, so 10min tour.

Join a team challenge!

Choose 1 of the 11 challenges below 

McKinsey Digital // Automation

From grocery self-checkout machines to customer service chatbots to autonomous vehicles (as well as tech hidden behind-the-scenes, powering everything from medical diagnoses to insurance rates), automation and artificial intelligence are already a growing part of our lives.

Automation has the potential to improve our work, allowing us to spend less time on
repetitive or manual labor, and more on tasks that use our social, emotional and analytical skills. However as automation alters the labor landscape for everyone, women must take advantage of the transition and chart a course towards higher-skilled, better-paid work, or risk deepening existing gender inequalities.

Worldwide, 40 to 160 million women could need to transition occupations. Entirely new jobs will be created, but about 60% of recently-created jobs in the US were in male-dominated fields (with 30% wage premiums), and without intervention this trend may continue.

THE CHALLENGE: Develop an innovative product, service or campaign that addresses the unique risks and untapped benefits that automation poses for women, considering the technology education gap and female-centric applications for AI. Your solution should tangibly improve the lives of women and is a step-change from what’s been
done until now.

Join the McKinsey Digital Automation Challenge Team


McKinsey Digital // Menopause

Today, 850 thousand women in Sweden are going through menopause. Most women start having changes in their period around age 40-45, and other symptoms—from loss of energy to hot flashes to anxiety—may last for a few years to over a decade. The impact on women’s lives is significant: in the UK, for example, 45% of women say their symptoms have negatively impacted their work, 23% feel more socially isolated, and 42% just don’t feel as sexy anymore.

For many women, it can take a while to even realize what they’re experiencing, causing
confusion and stress.

Despite it being a natural process, menopause remains a taboo subject in much of the world. Conversations around the topic may not portray the variety of menopause experiences, including early onset, medically-induced, as a side effect of treatment for other conditions, or for people who identify as male or non-gender binary. And support is limited, whether for managing symptoms, creating menopause-friendly workplaces, accessing reliable information, or having frank discussions with friends, family, and colleagues.

Develop an innovative product, service or campaign that tackles challenges and social stigmas around menopause and supports women before, during, or after. Your solution should tangibly improve the lives of women and is a step-change from what’s been done until now.

Join the McKinsey Digital Menopause Challenge Team


The Case for Her //She comes first

While men’s sexual pleasure and medicine such as viagra is widely advertised and not considered adult content, female sextech companies are running into issues trying to advertise their wellness products and services. Ad policies don't allow companies to advertise adult products or services, and female sextech and wellness companies are denied bank accounts and restricted from using pay services.

We believe sexuality is part of wellness and that female sexuality shouldn’t be considered adult content.

Design or make a solution to help mainstream Female Sexuality and Female Pleasure.

Join The Case for Her Challenge Team


3 // Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world

By 2020 there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices. But, just as personal computers and the Internet changed the world as we know it, so too will the Internet of things begin to change the world around us more and more.

Tre was first in Sweden with introducing the Narrow Band IoT (NBIOT) technology needed to connect things to the internet and we can now provide you and your team with a NBIOT development board.

What do you want to connect?

Watch Video

Join the 3 Challenge Team


Nordea // Empowering women to take control of their personal finance

Extensive research shows that women consistently lag behind men on financial and investment literacy scores across generations, but when they do invest, their investments on average perform better

The substantial gender pay gap between men and women means that women are not able to save as much for their retirement as men

The lower financial literacy scores combined with the gender pay gap result in women having much less control of their personal finances, their savings and their pensions.

We must empower women from a financial knowledge perspective and get them more excited about personal finance so they can take control of their financial lives. Help us figure out how to do this! 

Join the Nordea Challenge Team


Husqvarna + Capgemini // Smart Green Cities and Smart Green living to enable sustainability, personal safety and citizen happiness

The trend of urbanization and mega cities is strong, at the same time we are facing environmental and climate challenges of enormous proportions. New technologies enabling Smart Cities and Smart living, together with developing urban green space, may provide important impact to improve local environment and climate in the cities.

Ever since our start in 1689, our passion for innovation, development and precision has led to a long line of successful products and solutions in very different areas. As market leader in outdoor power tools and robotic lawn care, Husqvarna Group aims to improve the quality of urban life by transforming home and city spaces into green, sustainable and smart environments. This by leveraging the technologies, innovations and collaborative spirit brought by digitalization. Our growing digital offers today include solutions like smart garden, fleet management, smart home connected robots (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and Open APIs published on

Green areas in cities are becoming scarce and an even more vital resource to ensure citizen's well-being and future environment sustainability.

The team behind this challenge is Husqvarna, Capgemini and Sogeti, part of Capgemini.

Help us to define new services or solutions needed to enable smart parks, empower citizen happiness and safety as well as new opportunities like for example community gardening.

Join the Husqvarna Challenge Team


AstraZeneca // Better Health App 

Health is going digital - from your watch, to your doctor's office, to your sleep cycles, and especially your diet, to name just a few.

AstraZeneca strives to improve lives and therefore wants to integrate our services into larger health platforms, providing holistic and analytical services that will help us stay in top form.

Design or make a better app to help gather all health data from both the health app in the phone, integrated with other data like medicines, run keeper or other, to create better health profile.

Join the AstraZeneca Challenge Team


Adyen // Inspire Girls to Code

Tech is currently one of the world’s fastest growing career tracks, yet women account for just 20 percent of the tech workforce.

Tech businesses are looking for experienced and highly qualified people.

Between middle school and university, the percentage of females considering a career in tech drops from 32 to 27 percent.

As a tech company working to change the payments industry, Adyen wants even more girls to embrace tech at an earlier age in order to secure a more diverse talent pool in the future. We challenge you to devise a solution that inspires girls to code and demonstrates how a career in tech can make a real difference.

The winners of this challenge will be able to compete for a fast-tracked application to top-tier incubators in Stockholm.

Join the Adyen Challenge Team


EY // Integrity on Your own terms

Do you exclude yourself from the digital world or risk jeopardizing your integrity? In today's society everyone is more or less forced to use digital apps, services and web pages just to make it through their day.

In a recent research experiment over 500 students all agreed to give a fake new social media network, NameDrop, their first-born child demonstrating that few people are fully aware of what they agree to when they accept “terms and conditions”.

EY, a multinational professional services firm, challenges you to find a way to increase transparency around terms and conditions, so that you keep your integrity and protect your human rights in a society where we are constantly asked to agree and give our approval. 

Join the EY Challenge Team


City of Stockholm // Female Founders in the City of Stockholm Sharing a Common Global Problem

The City of Stockholm is a women’s place. The initiative launched by the City of Stockholm in 2017 has helped us to be internationally recognized as amongst other, a place for gender equality, for equal rights and career opportunities in the workplace.

More than a 100 tech companies, including unicorns such as Spotify and Klarna are a part of the initiative. But Stockholm is also a recognized a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, but being a female founder presents a unique host of challenges in an already fantastic tech ecosystem and environment.

Addressing the female funding gap: In 2016, venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founders. Women received just $1.46 billion and we still see that this hasn’t improved since then. And there is a sentiment that female founders are judged, and awarded funds, based on performance, while men are judged on potential.

How can we level the playing for female founders so they are given a fair shot at securing funding? How can VC’s do a better job at screening, both in person and on paper, when determining access to and levels of funding.

The solutions could be programmatic, policy-driven, and/or involve a technology application

Join the Stockholm Challenge Team


Stora Enso // Accelerate Adoption of Circular Economy

Circular economy aims to minimise waste and to do the most with the world’s resources. Unlike a traditional economy where resources are taken, used and ultimately disposed, the circular system aims to minimise the resource input, waste, emission and energy use. It includes choosing and using renewable energy and materials when making new products and packaging, as well as recycling, refurbishing, and re-using existing products.

Research has shown that a circular economy in Europe can create significant benefits and address mounting resource challenges, create jobs, spur innovation, and generate substantial environmental benefits. The circular economy is important for society to achieve a sustainable and renewable future.

However, circularity requires a complex undertaking of redesigning key aspects of our economy, where new technologies such as AI among others can play an important role. For example, AI can support when prototyping new products fit for the circular economy, increase asset utilisation through prediction of maintenance needs, or aid in finding financially viable business concepts in the circular economy such as leasing products rather than purchasing.

Help us to figure out how new technologies and trends can be used to drive the circular economy.

Join the Stora Enso Challenge Team


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