Europe's Largest Hackathon for Women

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On Sept 7th and 8th, 1000+ women will come together at Stockholm City Hall to join Europe's Largest Hackathon for Women

Never been to a hackathon before?.. Great, we want this to be your first hackathon. Our goal is to give you the experience, and excitement to join future hackathons, while meeting lots of cool people, and learning about fun topics

All ages are welcome, no experience necessary, no cost to join, and all participants get a free pass for themselves and a friend to STHLM TECH FEST


5pm - Official Welcome and Opening from Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr 
6pm - Partner companies present their challenges to all participants
7pm - Participants join into teams to work on the challenge of their choice
7pm-10pm - Brainstorming, Analyzing, White-boarding, and Mentoring
10pm - Inspirational Keynote with VOI Co-founder + CMO, Carro Hjelm
1am - City Hall Closes


7am - Participants join at partner offices to work on their challenges
4pm - Partners select the best results to be shared at Stadshuset
5pm - Partners share best results at Stadshuset
6pm - Best results of each challenge are showcased and invited to stay for VIP dinner at City Hall
8pm - Interviews at VIP dinner with best results from hackathon, and Best of Hackathon Award.

2 Business Class Flights from Turkish Airlines - anywhere they fly! Turkish flies to more countries than any other airline.

50 000 SEK in validation cost-coverage from the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship 
Winners will be able to join the next FemTech Bootcamp  (must have a registered AB) 
2x Nvidia TITAN RTX - (fastest PC graphics card ever made)
Special consideration to join Antler
1-on-1 mentoring by TechStars
Showcase on main stage at STHLM TECH FEST 2019

Join a team challenge!

Choose 1 of the 12 challenges below 

McKinsey Digital // Automation

From grocery self-checkout machines to customer service chatbots to autonomous vehicles (as well as tech hidden behind-the-scenes, powering everything from medical diagnoses to insurance rates), automation and artificial intelligence are already a growing part of our lives.

Automation has the potential to improve our work, allowing us to spend less time on
repetitive or manual labor, and more on tasks that use our social, emotional and analytical skills. However as automation alters the labor landscape for everyone, women must take advantage of the transition and chart a course towards higher-skilled, better-paid work, or risk deepening existing gender inequalities.

Worldwide, 40 to 160 million women could need to transition occupations. Entirely new jobs will be created, but about 60% of recently-created jobs in the US were in male-dominated fields (with 30% wage premiums), and without intervention this trend may continue.

THE CHALLENGE: Develop an innovative product, service or campaign that addresses the unique risks and untapped benefits that automation poses for women, considering the technology education gap and female-centric applications for AI. Your solution should tangibly improve the lives of women and is a step-change from what’s been
done until now.

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McKinsey Digital // Menopause

Today, 850 thousand women in Sweden are going through menopause. Most women start having changes in their period around age 40-45, and other symptoms—from loss of energy to hot flashes to anxiety—may last for a few years to over a decade. The impact on women’s lives is significant: in the UK, for example, 45% of women say their symptoms have negatively impacted their work, 23% feel more socially isolated, and 42% just don’t feel as sexy anymore.

For many women, it can take a while to even realize what they’re experiencing, causing
confusion and stress.

Despite it being a natural process, menopause remains a taboo subject in much of the world. Conversations around the topic may not portray the variety of menopause experiences, including early onset, medically-induced, as a side effect of treatment for other conditions, or for people who identify as male or non-gender binary. And support is limited, whether for managing symptoms, creating menopause-friendly workplaces, accessing reliable information, or having frank discussions with friends, family, and colleagues.

Develop an innovative product, service or campaign that tackles challenges and social stigmas around menopause and supports women before, during, or after. Your solution should tangibly improve the lives of women and is a step-change from what’s been done until now.

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The Case For Her// Health, Wellness and the Female Orgasm

Women’s pleasure matters, however is often overlooked or not prioritised. Increased sexual pleasure and sexual wellness can lead to improved quality of life, higher self-esteem and better economic outcomes.

But why is women’s sexual wellbeing not as equally valid as men’s? While men’s sexual pleasure and medicines (such as Viagra) are approved for public advertisement, female sexual wellness companies are often blocked from advertising their products and services. Products catering to female sexual needs are often categorised as ‘adult content’ by gender-biased policies. Female sextech and wellness companies are also denied bank access and are restricted from using pay services. This has been called "the male-female pleasure priority gap."

Spark a critical social conversation. Join the movement for sexual wellbeing and equality and sign up with The Case For Her Challenge Team.

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3 // What do you want to connect?

Imagine being able to connect pretty much anything you want and get real time information. Is it humid enough in your greenhouse? Do you want your golf glove to analyze your swing? Or maybe you want your toilet to tell you if you’re ovulating?

Let us introduce you to Narrowband IoT. Just as innovations we can’t live without today, like phones and the internet – IoT will transform our lives. Now you have the possibility to decide how, whether you’re a hacker, designer or creative genius.

We’ll help you with the technology. You can choose to build the connected sensor, the app that gives you an overview or the back-end that will handle it all. Present it as a mock-up or a complete product. It’s up to you. What do you want to connect?

In it to win it?

The winning team of Three’s challenge will receive a six months mentoring program – formed together with our talent acquisition and tailor-made after each team member. You will also be a part of a network where you will have two meet-ups during this six months to exchange experiences. Last but not least, we want to welcome you back to Three’s HQ to take part in two Open Sessions, Three’s own educational concept offering a variety of courses and seminars.

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Nordea // Empowering women to take control of their personal finance

Extensive research shows that women consistently lag behind men on financial and investment literacy scores across generations, but when they do invest, their investments on average perform better

The substantial gender pay gap between men and women means that women are not able to save as much for their retirement as men

The lower financial literacy scores combined with the gender pay gap result in women having much less control of their personal finances, their savings and their pensions.

We must empower women from a financial knowledge perspective and get them more excited about personal finance so they can take control of their financial lives. Help us figure out how to do this! 

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Microsoft // Using artificial intelligence to analyze images

What would you automate with artificial intelligence and computer vision? Computer Vision allows us to analyze images

es and return different types of information.Computer Vision is popping up everywhere, from self-driving car projects to transcribing and extracting information from old documents (example) to automating daily mundane tasks, like categorizing expense reports based on images of receipts (example).

At Microsoft, we seek to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI), to take it from the ivory towers and make it accessible for all. In this hackathon, we're challenging you to explore what can you automate with Computer Vision.

Computer Vision is used for example to:

  1. Analyze old images to tag them with additional information, like what colors are in the image, is the photo taken indoors or outdoors and recognize brands, people, furniture, animals, gadgets etc.
  2. Automate wildlife monitoring to track and estimate the population of endangered species, like in this experiment where it was used to track red-legged kittiwakes.
  3. Enable online marketplaces to categorize new and used items to provide better search capabilities, by automatically correcting typos and generating additional tags for items placed for sale, like in this online retail inventory management experiment.
  4. Use satellite images to determine how farmers are implementing sustainable practises, monitor conservation efforts over time and to identify areas that need special attention and follow-up.

At the hackathon our coaches from diverse backgrounds across Microsoft will help you explore computer vision and take your idea one step closer to reality.

  1. Use PowerApps and AI Builder to easily create AI apps, without the need to write code.
  2. Add AI capabilities to your existing apps through the Cognitive Services REST APIs, like Computer Vision.
  3. Create your own custom vision models, tailored for your domain and scenario with
  4. Looking to quickly prep data, train, and deploy machine learning models? Check Azure Machine Learning Service

We're looking for solutions that are designed with inclusive, sustainable and ethical principles in mind. All AI systems should be fair, inclusive, reliable & safe, transparent, respect privacy and have accountability. Read more about our approach to AI

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Husqvarna Group + Capgemini // Smart, green cities & living - How digitized solutions connect people to nature

Customers are the center of everything we do at Husqvarna Group. We know that they have a strong connection to nature and a passion for the environment. Together with our customers, our products and services can help reduce CO2, use less water and protect both land and living things.

One of the world’s greatest challenges is to create urban environments that doesn’t put pressure on land, water and air but at the same time, improve people’s lives. Together, with our customers we can help reshape cities. At public parks and private homes, we can contribute to smarter, greener cities and living by helping our customers make spaces safer and cleaner, more efficient and accessible.

At Husqvarna Group, we have a sharp focus on finding sustainable solutions that make a lasting difference. We are proud of our pioneering spirit and are driven by our vision to shape great experiences. To reinforce our market leadership position, we are leveraging digitalized solutions, innovations and collaborative spirit to create greater value for our customers and for sustainability. Our growing digital platform includes solutions like smart garden, fleet management, smart home connected robots (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and Open APIs published on

We aim to combine digitalized solutions and our product offering to promote and enhance urban green spaces. From community gardening to getting people to take better advantage of public parks, we want to find innovative ways to improve people’s well-being, contribute to tackling climate change and protect the environment.

The team behind this challenge is Husqvarna Group, Capgemini and Sogeti, part of Capgemini.

Help us define new services or solutions needed to enable smart parks and living, contribute to people’s happiness and safety as well as new opportunities to shape great experiences.

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AstraZeneca // Better Health App 

Health is going digital - from your watch, to your doctor's office, to your sleep cycles, and especially your diet, to name just a few.

AstraZeneca strives to improve lives and therefore wants to integrate our services into larger health platforms, providing holistic and analytical services that will help us stay in top form.

Design or make a better app to help gather all health data from both the health app in the phone, integrated with other data like medicines, run keeper or other, to create better health profile.

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Adyen // Inspire Girls to Code

Tech is currently one of the world’s fastest growing career tracks, yet women account for just 20 percent of the tech workforce.

Tech businesses are looking for experienced and highly qualified people.

Between middle school and university, the percentage of females considering a career in tech drops from 32 to 27 percent.

As a tech company working to change the payments industry, Adyen wants even more girls to embrace tech at an earlier age in order to secure a more diverse talent pool in the future. We challenge you to devise a solution that inspires girls to code and demonstrates how a career in tech can make a real difference.

The winners of this challenge will be able to compete for a fast-tracked application to top-tier incubators in Stockholm.

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EY // Create a Transparent Digital Society

Did you know that face-manipulation apps might use your uploaded pictures in any way they like? Probably you also remember when friend-of-friend’s personal data was used to influence voters in political elections?

In a recent research experiment, over 500 students all agreed to give NameDrop, a new social media network (created by the researchers for the experiment), their first-born child. The NameDrop experiment offers another example of that very few of us are fully aware of what we agree to when we accept the “terms and conditions” of apps and add-ons. However, reading the T&C’s is a time consuming task and some estimates say it would take us each no fewer than 76 working days to grasp all the privacy policies we encounter online in a year.

In a digital society where we all depend on apps, web services, connected devices, etc. just to make it through our day, we don´t believe that there should be a trade-off between our time and our integrity.

We challenge you to find a solution to this widespread problem, so that we keep our right to integrity even as we are asked constantly to agree and give approval.

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City of Stockholm // Female Founders in the City of Stockholm Sharing a Common Global Problem

The City of Stockholm is a women’s place. The initiative launched by the City of Stockholm in 2017 has helped us to be internationally recognized as amongst other, a place for gender equality, for equal rights and career opportunities in the workplace.

More than a 100 tech companies, including unicorns such as Spotify and Klarna are a part of the initiative. But Stockholm is also a recognized a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, but being a female founder presents a unique host of challenges in an already fantastic tech ecosystem and environment.

Addressing the female funding gap: In 2016, venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founders. Women received just $1.46 billion and we still see that this hasn’t improved since then. And there is a sentiment that female founders are judged, and awarded funds, based on performance, while men are judged on potential.

How can we level the playing for female founders so they are given a fair shot at securing funding? How can VC’s do a better job at screening, both in person and on paper, when determining access to and levels of funding.

The solutions could be programmatic, policy-driven, and/or involve a technology application

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Stora Enso // Team 1 - Accelerate Adoption of Circular Economy + Co-creation of sustainable and collaborative office spaces

Circular economy aims to minimise waste and to do the most with the world’s resources. Unlike a traditional economy where resources are taken, used and ultimately disposed, the circular system aims to minimise the resource input, waste, emission and energy use. It includes choosing and using renewable energy and materials when making new products and packaging, as well as recycling, refurbishing, and re-using existing products.

Research has shown that a circular economy in Europe can create significant benefits and address mounting resource challenges, create jobs, spur innovation, and generate substantial environmental benefits. The circular economy is important for society to achieve a sustainable and renewable future.

However, circularity requires a complex undertaking of redesigning key aspects of our economy, where new technologies such as AI among others can play an important role. For example, AI can support when prototyping new products fit for the circular economy, increase asset utilisation through prediction of maintenance needs, or aid in finding financially viable business concepts in the circular economy such as leasing products rather than purchasing.

Help us to figure out how new technologies and trends can be used to drive the circular economy.

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